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eNewsLetters no longer on the web

Save Our SBS eNewsLetters are no longer publicly published on the SaveOurSBS.org website. eNewsLetters continue to be emailed to members and subscribers. In future and on occasion, the content of certain eNewsLetters might be made available on-line or on the Save Our SBS syndicated RSS feed. SaveOurSBS.org published the first eNewsLetter on 20 November 2007 and the last, number 19, was published on 2 March 2013.

Anyone may subscribe or unsubscribe to the eNewsLetters here. There is no cost. Each eNewsLetter contains an unsubscribe link at the foot of each email. Save Our

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End of ads on SBS: when?

You may be wondering what happened to the Bill introduced in the Senate last year to phase out disruptive breaks on SBS-TV. Following the campaign in April last year, organised by SaveOurSBS.org in which a confirmed 9,171 messages were sent from ordinary people like you, the government granted SBS the biggest increase in base government funding ever (27%) and decided advertising is a matter for SBS to now determine. Additionally, SBS will be granted three year funding this May but has no plans to move ads out of programs, believing that advertising and in-program disruptions are a non

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Action needed this month to fund SBS without disruptive breaks

Recently a Bill was introduced to the Senate that would gradually phase out disruptive breaks on SBS-TV. Funding for the SBS over the next three years is being considered by government this month. If you want to see SBS better funded with a removal of in-program advertising, we ask you visit SaveOurSBS.org and join our campaign.

Simply click the graphic – Make SBS Special Again – on the Home page at SaveOurSBS.org and you will be taken to a page where you can send an email to the finance and communication ministers, and other politicians.

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Greens to ban ads & increase SBS funding

Following our last eNewsLetter we’ve been asked: Who will ban advertising on SBS and increase funding?

The Greens are the only party that have an SBS policy that would resolve the number one issue that many have wanted for a long time; no more commercial breaks in programs on SBS-TV coupled with more funding. SaveOurSBS.org supports that position. No other party has expressed such a policy to us.

On Monday, the ALP replied en masse to many about SBS. As a result we’ve taken the unusual step of sending you this eNewsLetter (two in the same week)

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Party promises to ban ads & increase funding

Guess who wants to slash SBS funding, dilute its Charter, fully commercialise it and then sell it? Which party will do the opposite – ban advertising and boost funding? And who is going to offer more of the same?

We approached all four parties and the responses are now published at SaveOurSBS.org

It’s definitely worth reading to find out what will happen, depending on who is elected.

In other news, in the past month, more than 12,000 emails have been sent to various political leaders from visitors to the SaveOurSBS.org website urging our politicians to increase

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Only a minute please

You may have missed Vote to restore SBS as it is only very new or the now updated earlier campaign Rescue SBS. These are pleas for your assistance to apply pressure, to extract promises now, before the election from the next government, to revive, restore and rescue SBS. Three things are desperately needed for the survival and improvement of SBS:-

1) funding to cover the loss of revenue caused by a desire to not interrupt programs; 2) funding so SBS may expand into the future without adverts; 3) funding to recover the shortfall from past years

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Restore SBS

We urge you to take part in Vote to restore SBS. This is a new campaign, just launched. A must do, to force promises from the next government for decent funding for SBS which is now in extreme danger of being left behind, even if the rest of Australia is taken forward. Time is running out before the election.

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More action to end adverts

Now that the election date has been announced, we’ve launched a NEW CAMPAIGN as a continuation of our early July theme to restore multicultural broadcasting; asking for more government funding for SBS and for the removal of advertising disruptions. However it will take more than a single campaign alone before any politician is going to promise to boost SBS funding and stop the ad breaks. This will be an ongoing campaign and your further support and participation is needed again.

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Restore our multicultural broadcaster

SBS is under attack. Still more adverts, staff being sacked, cuts at World News Australia, 30% reduction in subtitlers, and insufficient government funding. You can do something to reverse all this but you need to act quickly. Don’t wait until after the election. Send an email to Prime Minister and other parliamentarians. The future of our SBS depends on your action today. You can make a difference. Act now!

SEND an EMAIL HERE * to the Prime Minister, key Ministers and opposition politicians.


OR copy all the email addresses above

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Save SBS before election time

Email politicians about SBS before the election is called (eNewsLetter 8)

Below is some important news from Save Our SBS.

As a result of the continued inadequate government funding for SBS and the annoying reliance on commercial breaks interrupting programs, we are often asked: What can I do now?

Email every politician before the next election

Visit www.SaveOurSBS.org and follow the links to EMAIL the federal politicians in your electorate, before the next election is even called. Tell them what you want specifically in relation

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Reminder SBS No Ads Budget email the Treasurer & PM today – eNewsLetter No 7

Below is an important update from Save Our SBS about stopping commercial breaks on SBS and how you can help before the May Budget is delivered.

Recently we emailed you asking if you would send an email to the Treasurer and Prime Minister to ensure that SBS is better funded coupled with an end to commercial breaks in the Triennial Budget to be announced in the May Federal Budget. If you have not already done so please send an email today to save our public, multicultural broadcaster. Time is running out!

â–º Click here to EMAIL

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SBS No Ads In May Budget Campaign – eNewsLetter no 6

Dear Supporter of Save Our SBS

Please read this important email from Save Our SBS www.SaveOurSBS.org

SBS is about to be funded for the next three years. We are inviting you to participate in our latest campaign to see SBS properly funded in the May 2009 Federal Budget and to put an end to those commercial breaks on SBS. We urging you to send a pre-addressed, pre-worded email directly to the Treasurer & Prime Minister. You can do this now from http://sbsbudget.saveoursbs.org

There are two parts to this campaign: In the first part you are asked

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No advertising on SBS Your Submission To Government

Make a submission to government today

Following our recent eNewsLetter of a couple of weeks ago Save Our SBS has received enquiries from many people who would like some assistance in making a submission to the public enquiry into SBS. The feedback to us is that the Minister’s 36 page background discussion paper is too long and the Department’s website for submissions difficult to navigate through. Many are overwhelmed and at a loss to know what to say or where to begin. Our supporters have asked us to show a sample submission. As a result,

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SaveOurSBS eNewsLetter No 4 Spring 2008

Welcome to the Spring 2008 edition of the Save Our SBS eNewsLetter from www.SaveOurSBS.org

Below is some important news about SBS and an update about on how you can help restore and help rid it of advertisements.

It is now just over one year since Mary Kostakidis was reported walking from SBS, not to return and soon approaching that since the Labor government was elected.

There was reason to believe that Labor might provide more funds, and move to stop the SBS interrupting programs with advertisements.

Six months ago we presented the NO ADVERTISEMENTS OR SPONSORSHIP ON

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EMAIL SUBJECT: No Ads on SBS petition tell others please

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