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Only a minute please

You may have missed Vote to restore SBS as it is only very new or the now updated earlier campaign Rescue SBS. These are pleas for your assistance to apply pressure, to extract promises now, before the election from the next government, to revive, restore and rescue SBS. Three things are desperately needed for the survival and improvement of SBS:-

1) funding to cover the loss of revenue caused by a desire to not interrupt programs;
2) funding so SBS may expand into the future without adverts;
3) funding to recover the shortfall from past years of under funding.

These are not new issues but the action sought at Vote to restore SBS is.

Please visit Vote to restore SBS now, then Rescue SBS too. Don’t wait until after the election. That will be too late. If you participated in a recent campaign, please include Vote to restore SBS and Rescue SBS as well. Only a minute is all that is needed for both.

Vary the text slightly if participating for a second time in Vote to restore SBS or Rescue SBS.

Your involvement with these two campaigns now is more critical than ever.

Visit Rescue SBS to:-

1) ensure SBS is adequately funded by government;
2) amend s45 of the SBS Act to prohibit SBS from interrupting programs for advertisement and promotional breaks.

An investment in SBS is an investment in Australia’s future cultural diversity and will enable SBS to again be the special, multicultural broadcaster it once was, and more closely abide by its Charter without reliance on advertising.

The long term survival of SBS needs your action and that of your friends today.

The best two ways to support and improve SBS are to take part in Vote to restore SBS then Rescue SBS today.

If you’ve already taken part, then tell your friends now by clicking on the email or facebook or twitter links at https://saveoursbs.org/archives/1313 and spread the word.

If Australia is taken forward, make sure SBS is not left behind.

Sent from all the team at SaveOurSBS.org with advance thanks.

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