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Save Our SBS Privacy Policy


  1. Save Our SBS Inc (“Save Our SBS”, “our”, “us”, “we”) has a privacy policy which is outlined on this webpage (“Privacy”). We respect your right to privacy and are committed to safeguarding your privacy, as members, subscribers, donors, website visitors and supporters of Save Our SBS.
  2. The Privacy Policy sets out how we disclose, use and store your personal information collected via:
    • our website, SaveOurSBS.org;
    • the Save Our SBS social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook pages;
    • mail and email correspondence to Save Our SBS;
    • surveys and campaigns you participate in that we organise;
    • meetings;
    • phone calls; and
    • other lawful means.
  3. Persons who engage with Save Our SBS via the above means do so subject to this Privacy Policy.
  4. Your engagement, transactions or business with Save Our SBS online may involve a third party, including but not limited to those provided under paragraphs 6, 7, 9, and 11 of this Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with the privacy policy of any third party service providers whom your information may be collected or used by, as set out below or as notified on our website from time to time.

Why do we collect your personal information?

  1. Support from our members and the community is essential to the ongoing operation of Save Our SBS. We collect personal information about members, subscribers and donors, campaign and survey participants, those who access our website, and people who correspond with us, in order to keep membership records and to communicate with Save Our SBS members and interested members of the community.

What personal information do we collect?

  1. Save Our SBS collects personal information (being information about you, from which your identity can reasonably be obtained) directly, and via particular service providers, about visitors to our website who join as a member, subscribe to our newsletter, donate, participate in campaigns or surveys or comment on our posts. Our website is hosted by Fluccs, an Australian company. Information about Fluccs and the security measures it has in place can be found here.
  2. The membership function of our website uses software operated by a company named Wild Apricot, based in Canada. Information about how Wild Apricot protects data can be found here. To register as a Save Our SBS member, you are required to provide your email address and your first and last name directly to Wild Apricot. Other information may be requested too, such as your mailing address and phone number. Wild Apricot collects and stores this information on behalf of Save Our SBS. Save Our SBS is able to access this information at any time. Save Our SBS regularly does so, to track membership.
  3. When you become a member, you may login to your member profile to update your contact details via a unique link sent in an email from us to you (such as when renewing your membership), and you may also create (reset) your password anytime here, then log on with your new password. We do not have access to members’ passwords.
  4. Payment functions on the website are handled by PayPal (in conjunction with Wild Apricot, in the case of membership fees). PayPal’s privacy statement can be found here. When you make a payment or donation, Save Our SBS is notified of your name and the amount paid, which is necessary for financial record keeping. Save Our SBS may also receive your email address, mailing address, postcode, and phone numbers, if you provide that information to PayPal (or Wild Apricot) for the purpose of the transaction. Save Our SBS does not receive your credit card information that you provide to PayPal (or a third party) as part of the transaction.
  5. To subscribe to our bulk email service via our website, you may be asked to supply some or all of the following— your: name, email address, mailing address, postcode, phone numbers and other information. From time to time, we may send emails to persons who are subscribed to receive such emails from us, including our newsletter. We control the secure distribution of these emails and you may unsubscribe from receiving such email at any time. Your name, email address, mailing address, postcode, phone numbers and other information you provide will not be visible to other recipients.
  6. We may utilise various third party platforms in our our general operations, including but not limited to our activities, campaigns, communications, events, fundraising, meetings, promotions, and recordings (audio and video), that may involve for example, Action Network — whose privacy policy is available here, Campaigns By Me formerly Community Run — whose privacy policy is available here, Do Gooder — whose privacy policy is available here, Dropbox — whose privacy policy is available here, Facebook — whose data policy is available here, Google — whose privacy policy is available here, PayPal — whose privacy statement is available here, SMS Broadcast — whose privacy policy is available here, Twitter — whose privacy policy is available here, and Zoom — whose privacy policy is available here. Those platforms and Save Our SBS may exchange information provided in connection with our activities and you, including your name, any contact information you provide, your digital footprint or actions. When you participate in an activity, campaign, event, or meeting we organise via a third party platform, you agree for that exchange with a third party regarding your name, email address, mailing address, postcode, phone numbers, other ID, your digital footprint or actions and other information provided in relation to that activity, campaign, event, or meeting.
  7. If you write a comment on, or send a message to, our pages on social media, write to us via mail or email or contact us by phone, we may collect information about you that you provide— which may be: your name, email address, mailing address, postcode, phone numbers and other information you provide.

How do we use your personal information?

  1. We use information gathered by us, and third parties engaged by us, to:
    • track membership rates and communicate with our members; and
    • maintain contact lists (of your: name, email address, mailing address, postcode, phone numbers and other information you provide).
  2. We (or third parties engaged by us) compile information from a variety of sources for the purpose of updating our contact lists — including web forms submitted by current or former members, subscribers or donors, and persons who have communicated with us via email, phone or on social media, or have participated in online campaigns or surveys. When you donate, participate in a survey or campaign, or otherwise engage with us online via our platform or another, you agree for us to extract from the data you supply— your: name, email address, mailing address, postcode, phone numbers and other information you provide, to place on a list so we may later contact you. To help us analyse your engagement or participation in an activity, function, donation, membership, survey or campaign, you agree we may track responses via technology, links you click on, and campaign email(s) you send to third parties triggering your email to also be sent by BCC, CC, or TO us. These processes may operate seamlessly in the background and may not always be apparent to you. Irrespective of the technology used, link, web form or email, you agree for us to extract your personal information from the data we receive, if available— your: name, email address, mailing address, postcode, phone numbers and other information you provide to place on a list so we may occasionally update you about important activities by SMS and subscribe you to our free email newsletter from which you may unsubscribe at any time via an unsubscribe link.
  3. Save Our SBS (or a third party we appoint to act under our direction) may correspond with persons on our contact lists to update you on our operations and give you other information about new initiatives.
  4. You may remove yourself from our mailing lists at any time using the ‘unsubscribe’ links in our email newsletters. However, some correspondence, such as our notice of our annual general meeting which is provided to all members, may not be opted out of under applicable laws.
  5. In the case of a suspected or actual security breach, we may use data analytics and cross-matching of information to verify the identity of users of our website or other platforms.

To whom do we disclose your personal information?

  1. As set out above, Save Our SBS engages third parties to provide services that assist us to manage memberships, communicate with our members and subscribers. In some instances, you will provide your information directly to the service provider. In other instances, we will provide your information to them. Services providers engaged by Save Our SBS may be located in Australia, or overseas. Please refer to the privacy policy for each service provider, in relation to how they will handle your personal information.
  2. Other than third parties providing services to Save Our SBS, we do not disclose personal information obtained via our website or communications with us to any external organisations, except as required by law. We do not sell your personal information to anyone.
  3. Business, personal, and general emails or other communications received by Save Our SBS will be treated with the utmost care and may be circulated internally within Save Our SBS.
  4. We own the material we generate and if published, depending upon the context, you or a person with whom you have associated, may be publicly identified. Our publication of original material you send to us (text, pictures, sound), is taken as a gift from you to us and we control its editing and publication on our website. We may publicly identify you or a person with whom you have associated, in our display or publication of material gifted to us. You agree to indemnify Save Our SBS in respect of any claim arising out of or in relation to material you gifted to us.
  5. By submitting comments to posts on SaveOurSBS.org, you acknowledge that the comment may be published. Publishing of comments is entirely within our discretion, as moderators of the website. We may determine to edit comments or not publish them at all. Personal information included by you in the original comment may be published. You agree not to post any defamatory or offensive comments on our website or social media platforms (including Facebook and Twitter). You agree to indemnify Save Our SBS in respect of any claim arising out of or in relation to any comment made by you on our website or social media platforms.

How do we store your personal information?

  1. Our website (including pages operated by third parties) is secured by ‘https’.
  2. Sensitive information stored electronically is secured by passwords. We do not routinely create physical copies of personal information collected via our website, social media and other digital forums. If we do, those documents are stored securely, accessible only by an office holder of Save Our SBS or person authorised by an office holder.
  3. We may securely store your personal information indefinitely.

Cookies and analytics

  1. When a user visits our website, the website server and a third party internet analytics service may log a digital footprint, recording the visit with the following information: server address; top-level domain (e.g., .gov, .edu, .org, .com, .au, etc); date time and duration of visit; the pages accessed; the documents downloaded; the type of browser used; the site visited before this website; and other tracking data.
  2. Save Our SBS uses analytics to improve the quality of information available on our website and to ensure correspondence is sent to relevant recipients.
  3. Our website may use a feature of your browser (“cookies”) to assign a unique user ID. Cookies by themselves cannot be used to identify you — they only identify your computer to this website’s server when you visit the website. You are able to disable cookies in your web browser.

How can you access or correct your personal information?

  1. If you would like to access, update or correct any personal information held by Save Our SBS you are able to do so using the link provided to do so in a member email or in our newsletter emails. If you need assistance you may email us here with the Subject ‘ATTENTION SECRETARY’.

How can you raise concerns regarding privacy?

  1. If you have any concerns regarding our handling of your personal information, please email us here with ‘ATTENTION SECRETARY’ in the Subject line.