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EMAIL politicians about their SBS policies

Now is the time to ask all politicians or candidates who intend to stand at the next federal election to explain their policy in relation to funding and advertising on SBS. Do they value our multicultural broadcaster? Don’t wait until after the election. Act now!

Send an email before the next federal election is announced.

If you already know the names and email address of the elected politicians for your electorate, click to send an EMAIL from here now*. (The click will activate your email client with a pre-worded email which you may edit, delete or change if you wish. Webmail users see below). Type the recipients email address into the TO field. We suggest you send a separate email to each politicians for your electorate (and other candidates if you know who they are). At the head your email please type: Dear [name], and at the tail type your name.

After emailing the federal politicians in your electorate, you may want to email every federal politician if you can. See box below.

How to find the Name & Contact Details for Politicians

To find out the name and contact details of the federal politicians in your area, you first need to find out the name of the electorate where you live.

1.    If you are not sure of the name of your electorate click here to look it up. The answer will also show the names of the federal politicians for your electorate.

2.    When you are certain of the name (from the step above) you can then find the contact details of your federal member of parliament (MP) from the list of names here. If your local MP shows their email address, copy the address and paste it into the TO field of the pre-worded EMAIL*. You can also write a letter, phone and visit your MP as well.

3.    To find the contact details from the list of names for your federal Senators for your State or Territory click here. If your Senator shows their email address, copy the address and paste it into the TO field of the pre-worded EMAIL*. You can also write a letter and phone your Senator as well.

* The EMAIL links above will activate most email clients, e.g., Outlook; Outlook Express; Live Mail; Mail; MacMail; Thunderbird, etc.


If the EMAIL link above fails to work, just copy the text from the box below and paste into your own email and send that. Remember to type the email address of your MP, Senator and each candidate standing at the next federal election, into the TO field. It may be helpful to also type into the CC field pre10election@SaveOurSBS.org if you want SaveOurSBS.org to receive a copy of your email. You may edit, delete or change the text if you wish.

If you send the email using the EMAIL links above, a copy may be sent to SaveOurSBS.org A copy to SaveOurSBS.org helps us understand how many people participated in this campaign. We do not give or sell your contact or other personal details to anyone at all. Save Our SBS may contact participants at a later date to give you feedback about this issue.

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