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Party promises to ban ads & increase funding

Guess who wants to slash SBS funding, dilute its Charter, fully commercialise it and then sell it? Which party will do the opposite – ban advertising and boost funding? And who is going to offer more of the same?

We approached all four parties and the responses are now published at SaveOurSBS.org

It’s definitely worth reading to find out what will happen, depending on who is elected.

In other news, in the past month, more than 12,000 emails have been sent to various political leaders from visitors to the SaveOurSBS.org website urging our politicians to increase SBS funding so it can expand and be rid of advertising. A few people were concerned that their email would not reach the Prime Minister. We were assured from the start, that emails would reach her and we were also given her alternate email address (via her ALP address) which we included in the recipients list. Although her parliamentary address is currently inactive we were told emails may be held over until after the election (she’ll then have a flood of emails rush in!). Based on what her Office told us, we’re confident that your emails have or will reach her one way or another. At the very least her own colleagues who were also on the recipient list will alert her. We’ve been told that your emails are being read by the politicians staff.

In case you missed it, the campaign will remain open until election day.

In the meantime take a moment to visit the SaveOurSBS.org website to read the Election promises for SBS because SBS is a worthy election issue.

Who is promising the most for SBS? Find out at SaveOurSBS.org

With thanks from all the team at SaveOurSBS.org

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