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Reminder SBS No Ads Budget email the Treasurer & PM today – eNewsLetter No 7

Below is an important update from Save Our SBS about stopping commercial breaks on SBS and how you can help before the May Budget is delivered.

Recently we emailed you asking if you would send an email to the Treasurer and Prime Minister to ensure that SBS is better funded coupled with an end to commercial breaks in the Triennial Budget to be announced in the May Federal Budget. If you have not already done so please send an email today to save our public, multicultural broadcaster. Time is running out!

â–º Click here to EMAIL the Treasurer in the first instance
â–º Click here to EMAIL the Prime Minister from a different screen

If you have any difficulties with the above please visit www.SaveOurSBS.org and follow the links there or go directly to http://sbsbudget.saveoursbs.org and read the directions to email the Treasurer, then, the Prime Minister.

Say “NO” to ads on SBS.  Say “YES” to more government funding in the May Budget. Act today.

If you recently participated in this campaign please inform your friends about this and ask them to visit www.SaveOurSBS.org

It is crucial that as many people as possible participate in this final pre-budget campaign to better SBS which is about to be funded for the next three years. Don’t be complacent. Send your emails now.

Save Our SBS Inc

The “Click here to EMAIL the Treasurer” above only works for email clients of Outlook, Outlook Express, Live Mail, Entourage, Apple Mail, Eudora, Evolution, but not webmail. Users of YahooMailWebService, HotMailWebMail and gMailWebMail may need to use the copy and paste method at http://sbsbudget.saveoursbs.org unless your email is configured via one of the email clients named.

Below are other URL’s related to this campaign.

The URL http://sbsbudget.saveoursbs.org redirects to the first screen at:
https://saveoursbs.org/sbs2009budget/NoAds2009SBSBudget-screen1of2.htm where you can send Wayne Swan & other politicians a pre-worded email.

The URL of the second screen is:
https://saveoursbs.org/sbs2009budget/NoAds2009SBSBudget-screen2of2.htm and it has a pre-worded email that redirects to:
http://www.pm.gov.au/contact/index.cfm where you can email Kevin Rudd.

In some instances participation in the campaign may activate an email from participants to Save Our SBS Inc and we might later contact you. We do not pass your contact information or personal details on to anyone.

Save Our SBS Inc www.SaveOurSBS.org is a not for profit community organisation.

You have received this eNewsLetter because you are subscribed to receive the occasional update from www.SaveOurSBS.org to keep you informed.

Please do not reply to this email. Use the Contact Us page on the www.SaveOurSBS.org website instead or if you would prefer eNewsLetters to be sent to a different email address or to subscribe or unsubscribe use this link: http://lists.saveoursbs.org

Visit www.SaveOurSBS.org website periodically for more up to date information and outcome of this campaign.

eNewsLetter No 7 Save Our SBS

Email Wayne Swan & Kevin Rudd here: SBS Budget Increase & No Ads

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