End of ads on SBS: when?

You may be wondering what happened to the Bill introduced in the Senate last year to phase out disruptive breaks on SBS-TV. Following the campaign in April last year, organised by SaveOurSBS.org in which a confirmed 9,171 messages were sent from ordinary people like you, the government granted SBS the biggest increase in base government funding ever (27%) and decided advertising is a matter for SBS to now determine. Additionally, SBS will be granted three year funding this May but has no plans to move ads out of programs, believing that advertising and in-program disruptions are a non issue. We think otherwise and ask you to join our campaign at SaveOurSBS.org to take part in a short but very important survey.

In the public good, please visit SaveOurSBS.org today and answer some basic multiple choice questions about ads on SBS, in-program breaks, SBS Charter adherence, public funding and what you expect of SBS. Your views are vitally important and necessary for change, if you want to see SBS free of intrusive breaks – like it used to be.

Act now here saveoursbs.org/survey

Ask your friends to join the survey too.

With thanks from everyone at Save Our SBS.

Save Our SBS was started in 2007. We care passionately about public broadcasting in Australia and SBS in particular. We are supporters and friends of SBS and believe it should be adequately funded from the public purse without reliance on advertising and free of disruptive breaks. We are a not for profit organisation staffed by volunteers. We are unable to send regular mail outs. This is eNewsLetter No 19. You can keep up to date by regularly browsing our website. Come visit us weekly. We are independent from, and not associated with any political party or organisation.

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