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Action needed this month to fund SBS without disruptive breaks

Recently a Bill was introduced to the Senate that would gradually phase out disruptive breaks on SBS-TV. Funding for the SBS over the next three years is being considered by government this month. If you want to see SBS better funded with a removal of in-program advertising, we ask you visit SaveOurSBS.org and join our campaign.

Simply click the graphic – Make SBS Special Again – on the Home page at SaveOurSBS.org and you will be taken to a page where you can send an email to the finance and communication ministers, and other politicians. In addition to the email, please also sign the CPSU’s on-line letter to the Minister via the link lower down the page from where you send your email. These two separate actions on your part will make an enormous difference. Tell your friends about this too.

You may not be aware that the SBS has the lowest operating budget of any mainstream broadcaster when compared to all other broadcasters. It was one sixth of Channel 7 and less than a quarter of the ABC. Also, since the introduction of in-program advertising on SBS-TV five years ago, the rate of growth from advertising on SBS has decreased significantly. It has been negative since 2010. The hybrid public-commercial model that was handed to the SBS has now caused it to face a severe funding crisis. Public funding has not kept pace with basic operating costs. SBS is too important to all of us to see it fail or close down. Your support is needed at www.SaveOurSBS.org to make SBS special again; to de-commercialise it and fund it now from the public purse, with a very steep increase – but only if you press for these things. Your voice counts.

It’s taken five years of continuous lobbying from thousands of people to get to this point; the possibility of legislation to end disruptive breaks during program coupled with an increase in government funds. This is not the time to sit back. Please act now. Go to SaveOurSBS.org

Keeping you informed, with thanks from everyone at Save Our SBS.

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We are supporters and friends of SBS and believe it should be adequately funded from the public purse without reliance on advertising and free of disruptive breaks. We are not associated with any political party or organisation.  

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