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EMAIL SUBJECT: No Ads on SBS petition tell others please

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EMAIL SUBJECT: No Ads on SBS petition tell others please

Dear [NAME] of [EMAIL],      

Following the recent No Ads on SBS or ABC email-campaign in the lead-up to the 2007 federal election, many people have asked Save Our SBS about our other campaign. 

What’s happened to the No Ads on SBS petition that commenced many months ago?“ 

The No Ads on SBS petition, is about to close.  Soon it will be presented to the new Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy.

Our records show that you signed this petition using the email address above. We ask that you now encourage your friends to sign the petition before it closes.

The purpose of this message is to ask you to send an email about the petition to your friends. You can do this by clicking here.

The click will activate most Windows and Mac email clients, e.g., Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc with a pre-worded email ready to send to your friends. You will need to insert your friends email addresses.

If you use webmail rather than a stand-alone email client like Outlook etc the above may not work. However you can copy and paste the text between the yellow lines below into a webmail and send that to your friends.

The full wording of the petition is available here.

The Save Our SBS team

I have signed a petition at www.SaveOurSBS.org to support SBS so that it is properly funded from the public purse without the need to rely on advertising. I am asking you to support this cause so that our public multicultural broadcaster may once again be able to fulfil its Charter responsibilities with high quality, multicultural and ethnic programming.

Please click on the direct petition link www.petition.saveoursbs.org and sign the petition there as I did.

In short the petition calls for the Minister to immediately require that:-

1) The SBS Board cease disrupting all programs for advertisements;

2) Amend the SBS Act to prohibit advertising and sponsorship on SBS;

3) Fund SBS so it is not dependent on commercial revenue nor supplementation from advertising; and,

4) Introduce a new system of appointments to the SBS Board that will result in Board members being appointed on the basis of merit with a strong commitment to multiculturalism and SBS independence, and, that the Board is independent from the government of the day and commercial influence.

The petition will be handed to the Minister soon.

Our public multicultural broadcaster is still under threat and your support is needed so SBS can once again be properly funded and not reliant on advertising.

Support public broadcasting and SBS and sign the No Ads on SBS petition (NO ADVERTISEMENTS OR SPONSORSHIP ON SBS) petition NOW before it closes.

Protect our multicultural broadcaster. Don’t let SBS be sold out to commercialism! Click the direct petition link www.petition.saveoursbs.org and sign the petition now.

About Save Our SBS (www.SaveOurSBS.org)

Save Our SBS is a not for profit community organisation. We are not aligned with or beholden to any political party or any such group. We care passionately about public broadcasting and SBS in particular and were formed as a direct result of SBS interrupting programs for advertisements. We are very concerned about the direction that SBS is heading in and the commercialisation of SBS.

We operate at a ‘grass roots’ level. No-one is paid and everyone is a volunteer. Our operation depends entirely on the support of active participants.

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Alternatively a friend or colleague of yours may have forwarded this email to you, not us. If that occurred, please refer to the person who sent this email to you for further details.


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