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Restore SBS

We urge you to take part in Vote to restore SBS. This is a new campaign, just launched. A must do, to force promises from the next government for decent funding for SBS which is now in extreme danger of being left behind, even if the rest of Australia is taken forward. Time is running out before the election.

MESSAGE the pollies to fund SBS for abolition of ad breaks, expansion into the future and catch-up money from past years of under-funding before the 2010 election is held Please visit https://saveoursbs.org/archives/1313 now regardless of whether you’ve participated in an earlier campaign or not. It will take more than a single campaign alone before any politician is going to promise to boost SBS funding to cut the ad breaks and enable SBS to expand into the future. If Australia is taken forward, make sure SBS is not left behind.

Don’t wait until after the election. Now is the time to get promises from the next government.

MESSAGE our political leaders, the Minister, Shadow Minister and others to fund SBS properly so SBS may abolish ad breaks, expand into the future and provide catch-up money from past years of under-funding here.

Politicians’ will need further prompting before making any promises. For your own sake and that of future generations, and to rescue SBS go to https://saveoursbs.org/archives/1313 now.

The Rudd government didn’t deliver on SBS but maybe someone else will. Will it be Julia Gillard and the ALP or another party? Who will promise to rescue SBS, to fund into the future and rid it of ads? Before an election, collectively we can all influence politicians. They want your vote and we want their promise to fix SBS with proper funding. Call talkback radio and tell others about the campaign too at SaveOurSBS.org Tell your friends too

Make the government accountable. Remember these words?

“The introduction of in program advertising to the SBS in effect makes the SBS a de facto fourth free-to-air commercial television station and serves to erode the fundamental tenets of public broadcasting- that is, that it should be free from commercial and political influence”. (Senator Conroy October 2007).

“Labor is committed to ensuring adequate funding and support for the SBS, to enable it to continue to provide Australians with high quality services, free from political and commercial interference”. (ALP November 2007).

“Labor has opposed and continues to oppose the decision by SBS to introduce in-program advertising”. (Kevin Rudd; Campaign Office of the ALP; and, Senator Conroy, November 2007).

Hold the government to account. Send a clear message and demand these things be honoured under the next government.

Put the “special” back into SBS. Rescue multicultural broadcasting.

Send your new message only from https://saveoursbs.org/archives/1313 then FORWARD this eNewsLetter to your friends. Act today. Do it now!

â–º Rescue SBS
â–º More public funding
â–º End advert disruptions
â–º Rescue multiculturalism
Tell the PM, MPs & Senators
â–º Message up to 127 politicians
With your continued support and further lobbying, SBS can be rescued and be ad free. Go to https://saveoursbs.org/archives/1313 and take part in this campaign. Tell your friends to as well. Call talkback radio and tell others about the campaign too at SaveOurSBS.org

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