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SBS – the world’s first multicultural broadcaster – is unique and special. However, with less funding than any other national broadcaster, it is constantly under threat from government and commercial interests. Save Our SBS supports the decommercialisation of SBS with diverse multicultural and multilingual programs. We actively lobby for greater public funding for SBS, scrutinise it to operate in a fairer and more transparent manner, and speak out when it is undermined or threatened. The further commercialisation of SBS is not off the table and this is threatening SBS Charter obligations. To defend the special purpose of SBS, we need funds. The success of our campaigns relies directly on donations from ordinary people like you. Help us to Save Our SBS. DONATE now.


Save Our SBS Inc is a not-for-profit organisation. No-one gets paid but Save Our SBS has to pay bills. Donations play a big part in the success of our campaigns. We are just ordinary people and ask other people, like you, to financially support the good work we do.