Campaign statistics

In the month leading up to the May Budget, Save Our SBS ran a campaign where supporters were given the opportunity to send a personal email to the finance and communications ministers and other politicians in the Make SBS Special Again campaign published on the website. The purpose was to press government for a steep increase in funding for SBS with the removal of in-program commercial breaks from SBS television.

On the campaign webpage visitors were presented with an example of an email text and asked to compose an email in their own words. Most did.

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Make SBS special

SBS needs your support before early May to secure increased funding and ensure the Special Broadcasting Service Amendment (Natural Program Breaks and Disruptive Advertising) Bill 2012 becomes law. The Bill has now been introduced to the Senate. If passed, this Bill will phase out in-program commercial breaks on SBS-TV by 2016 and establish a scheme for increased funding for SBS. SBS will be better off and so will you.

If the Bill fails to become law, the future of SBS will be uncertain but commercially driven and no longer special.

Funding for the next three

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Email Minister before 8 May here

Government is to decide SBS’s funding fate for the next three years on 8 May. SBS needs more funding and your support for the Bill * now before the Senate to become law. If passed, the Bill will phase out in-program commercial breaks on SBS-TV by 2016 and establish a scheme for increased funding for SBS.

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Outsourcing SBS

SBS staff are worried about loosing their jobs to outsourcing as the broadcaster ascertains whether it is more cost effective and technologically better to outsource their presentation and playout departments. Other areas could go. But a spokesperson for SBS said news, current affairs and sport would not be outsourced.

Meanwhile one of the unions representing workers at SBS, the Community & Public Sector Union (CPSU) is taking a multi-pronged approach to save jobs and address the underlaying issue, the commercialisation of SBS. With the slogan SBS – without the special…it’s just BS the CPSU has launched

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Ensuring SBS’s survival without commercial breaks: Email your politicians here

After five years and multiple campaigns to end in-program commercial breaks disrupting SBS television programs, a Bill has been introduced into the Parliament that would achieve that, if passed. But the private Bill will only become law if several thousand people continue campaigning by writing to the Minister and Shadow Minister demanding they vote in favour of the Bill. An email to Senator Conroy at and a separate one to in your own words is needed saying why you do not want commercial breaks disrupting SBS-TV programs, and why you want this Bill

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2010 campaign statistics

In the month leading up to the 21 August 2010 federal election, visitors to the website sent 15,427 emails to selected politicians asking for a promise to increase public funding for SBS to free it from advertising. 12,835 are confirmed by emails copied to us. Not everyone copied their email to us. Some informed us, via our Contact page, that they had sent an email but are not included in the 12,835 figure. Our site statistics track the total number of emails sent by the number of unique clicks to activate the software client to

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Vote to restore SBS

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The Rudd government barely increased SBS funding with less than a stingy 6 cents/taxpayer/month* to produce Australian programs. Nothing for much needed expansion, nor catch-up money for years of chronic under-funding. And nothing to remove advertising. Under $1 taxpayer/monthClick here to read the full story . . .

Rescue SBS

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SBS has been under funded for years and all governments have shirked responsibility for funding it adequately while the pursuit of the commercial path has offended many. SBS needs more government funding and no one wants the ads. Insist that the government elected on 21

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Restore our multicultural broadcaster

SBS is under attack. Still more adverts, staff being sacked, cuts at World News Australia, 30% reduction in subtitlers, and insufficient government funding. You can do something to reverse all this but you need to act quickly. Don’t wait until after the election. Send an email to Prime Minister and other parliamentarians. The future of our SBS depends on your action today. You can make a difference. Act now!

SEND an EMAIL HERE * to the Prime Minister, key Ministers and opposition politicians.,,,,,,,,,,

OR copy all the email addresses above

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EMAIL politicians about their SBS policies

Now is the time to ask all politicians or candidates who intend to stand at the next federal election to explain their policy in relation to funding and advertising on SBS. Do they value our multicultural broadcaster? Don’t wait until after the election. Act now!

Send an email before the next federal election is announced.

If you already know the names and email address of the elected politicians for your electorate, click to send an EMAIL from here now*. (The click will activate your email client with a pre-worded email which you may edit, delete or

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SBS 2009 Budget: Proper Funding & No Ads email the Treasurer & PM

Save Our SBS has launched a campaign to see SBS better funded in the 2009 triennial federal Budget and as part of an ongoing objective that would enable SBS to be the public, non-commercial, multicultural ‘special’ broadcaster it once was. The Budget is the time to right recent past policies and prohibit the interruption of programs for advertisements. Save Our SBS has been lobbying for sometime with the support of thousands of concerned persons for this change followed by an eventual phasing out of all commercials on the SBS.

On 5 August 2008, Save Our SBS Inc made

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One Minute Survey Results

Save Our SBS conducted an online one minute multiple choice question survey about SBS. In addition to the nine multiple choice questions, we also asked for each persons post-code and provided an open ended comments box, for those who wanted to express concerns beyond the questions asked.

The One Minute Survey commenced in October 2008 and is now closed.

The results of the survey are below.

The total number of people who participated in the survey was: 1733 participants.

1) In the past six months, how often did

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No advertising on SBS Your Submission To Government

Make a submission to government today

Following our recent eNewsLetter of a couple of weeks ago Save Our SBS has received enquiries from many people who would like some assistance in making a submission to the public enquiry into SBS. The feedback to us is that the Minister’s 36 page background discussion paper is too long and the Department’s website for submissions difficult to navigate through. Many are overwhelmed and at a loss to know what to say or where to begin. Our supporters have asked us to show a sample submission. As a result,

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The SBS Must Be Special

A PDF of the statement below may be viewed at:

The SBS Must Be Special

The Special Broadcasting Service was established by the Fraser coalition government, building on the creation of the publicly funded multi-lingual radio stations 2EA and 3EA by the Whitlam government. ‘EA’ stood for Ethnic Australia.

Concrete government support for multiculturalism was a bi-partisan issue in the mid-seventies, but recently the special nature of the SBS has been under threat.

Since the introduction of sponsorship and advertising to SBS-TV in the 1990s the

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No Ads on SBS – one minute survey

Save Our SBS is conducting a one minute survey at that seeks to find out peoples views in relation to SBS. The survey asks a series of multiple choice questions about advertising, programming and the Charter of SBS and seeks to find out what people think about the ‘commercialisation’ of SBS.

The data at the end of the survey period will be published on the web site and may be provided to politicians and media outlets.

Personal details of the participants will remain confidential and will not be handed over to

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