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Vote to restore SBS

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The Rudd government barely increased SBS funding with less than a stingy 6 cents/taxpayer/month* to produce Australian programs. Nothing for much needed expansion, nor catch-up money for years of chronic under-funding. And nothing to remove advertising. Under $1 taxpayer/month* would have covered that. Now SBS is suffering badly unless the government elected on 21 August rescues it. If you don’t insist now, it wont happen!
SEND this new pre-worded EMAIL MESSAGE to the Prime Minister, Opposition Leader, relevant Minsters, Shadow Ministers and other parliamentarians.

COPY these addresses into the TO field of a NEW email. Add more addresses if you wish. The PMs address Julia.Gillard.MP@aph.gov.au may now be inactive and emails held over but we’ve added laborconnect@australianlabor.com.au to alert her now.
Copy the MESSAGE into your own email. Include the 3 critical points even if expressed in your own words, that SBS needs:-

1) funding to cover the loss of revenue caused by a desire to not interrupt programs;
2) funding so SBS may expand into the future without adverts;
3) funding to recover the shortfall from past years of under funding.

Add your name and address at the end of the email.

Add a SUBJECT heading before you SEND. If you use Outlook; Outlook Express; Windows Live Mail; Eudora; Mac Mail; Entourage; Thunderbird, etc, or any email client, you only need CLICK HERE then add a SUBJECT before you SEND.

When done send this campaign to your friends by email and on Facebook and Twitter and let’s put the “special” back into the Special Broadcasting Service and rescue multicultural broadcasting.

This campaign “Vote to restore SBS” is the headline of this post only and refers to the 21 August 2010 Australian federal elections. This campaign post does not promote any specific political candidate or party.

If you participate in this campaign a copy will be sent to Save Our SBS Inc. This is important as it helps us understand how many people participated in this campaign. We will receive our copy via the TO field if zelection2010webMail@SaveOurSBS.org is included in emails sent using webmail and via the BCC field if zelection2010emailClient@SaveOurSBS.org is included in emails sent from an email client. These addresses have been pre-populated into those fields on this post. Please do not remove them. Be sure to include them so we have an accurate automated statistical count of the emails sent. We do not give, sell or publish your contact or other personal details to anyone at all. Save Our SBS Inc (SaveOurSBS.org) may contact campaign participants at a later date to give you feedback about this issue.

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