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Stop the cuts

Despite Tony Abbott’s election promise not to cut funding to SBS, it seems highly likely our poorest broadcaster will be severely cut beyond the bone.

SBS has no fat to trim and although sketchy, the list of speculated cuts is frightening:-

  • SBS Melbourne studios and offices to go.
  • SBS and ABC to share technical facilities where possible.
  • SBS and ABC to join back house operations such as one pay office for both.
  • Anticipated effective cuts in the order of $40m to $60m p.a. to SBS.
  • SBS advertising quota to increase beyond the currently legislated cap of 5 minutes per hour.

Although the above is unconfirmed and the Budget won’t be handed down until May, we say don’t wait until the damage is done.

Email the Communications Minister now at Malcolm.Turnbull.MP@aph.gov.au and tell him you strongly object to any of the above occurring and do not want cuts to SBS nor more ads.

We provide a sample email to Mr Turnbull but please write in your own words with your own Subject heading. Your email will be regarded as more authentic if you sign off with your name and address.

Send a message to the Prime Minister too at http://www.pm.gov.au/contact-your-pm

Here is an sample email to Mr Abbott but please express in your own words.

The night before the election Mr Abbott told SBS World News Australia, there would be-

No cuts to education, no cuts to health, no change to pensions, no change to the GST and no cuts to the ABC or SBS.

But that promise is now thought to be soon broken.

Michael Ebeid, SBS’s Managing Director was not able to guarantee that cuts to SBS would not affect SBS. He said- 

I would find it very difficult to imagine being able to absorb any material cuts without a change in services.

Please email the Communications Minister and the Prime Minister above, and ask your friends to join our campaign at SaveOurSBS.org 

We are strength in numbers.

We do not give or sell your email address, contact information or other personal details to anyone. If you use the mailto link above to send an email, this may cause a BCC of your email to also be sent to Save Our SBS so we may measure the number of people that participated in this campaign. If you are not already a subscriber, at a later date Save Our SBS will send you one email inviting you to receive future free copies of our occasional eNewsLetter. 

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