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Email Minister before 8 May here

Government is to decide SBS’s funding fate for the next three years on 8 May. SBS needs more funding and your support for the Bill * now before the Senate to become law. If passed, the Bill will phase out in-program commercial breaks on SBS-TV by 2016 and establish a scheme for increased funding for SBS. ,Malcolm.Turnbull.MP@aph.gov.au,Senator.Ludlam@aph.gov.au,?bcc=stats2012client1@saveoursbs.org,&subject=&body=“> Send your email here# to the Minister, Shadow Minister, Senators, & MPs urging them to vote in favour of the Bill.

for webmail users:

Say why you want increased funding for SBS and the Bill to become law that will phase out the disruptive in-program breaks on SBS-TV by 2016. You can also send a separate email to the Prime Minister here. Below is an example, but best in your own words.

for webmail users:

Don’t be anonymous. Any email to a politician is only noted if the senders name and postal address is included in the email.

After you have sent your email, we recommend you sign this on-line letter which is independent from Save Our SBS. The letter will be sent by the CPSU to the Minister and your local MP. It seeks increased funding for SBS to end the commercial interference and outsourcing of SBS. This letter is as important as your email above.

If the Bill fails to become law and there is not a significant increase in public funding, the future of SBS may be uncertain. Don’t delay! Tell your friends to visit SaveOurSBS.org and help make SBS special again.

* Second Reading Speech & Explanatory Memorandum & Special Broadcasting Service Amendment (Natural Program Breaks and Disruptive Advertising) Bill 2012

# If you normally send emails using an email client, e.g., Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, etc, the client should automatically begin when you click on the link ‘Send your email here’ above. If not or if you use web-mail, simply copy all the addresses from the top box above into the TO line of your email, and then copy all the content of the email from the lower box above into the BODY of your email. Reword the content to your own composition. Now send your email.

To better understand how many people participate in this campaign, an email sent by you in this campaign might also result in your email being sent to Save Our SBS and we might occasionally update you of the progress of this campaign by email. You can unsubscribe at anytime. We do not give or sell your email address or personal details to anyone.

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