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Survey: Should SBS have ads?

Survey: Should SBS have ads?This single-screen survey asks for your views on SBS advertising, SBS Charter adherence, and public funding. The information collected may help better SBS and your viewing experience. All identifying personal details remain private and will not be published nor passed onto anyone.

Your views are important.

Five years after SBS began to disrupt all TV programs for commercial breaks, the Parliament has not required SBS stop the practice, allowing SBS to determine that matter themselves. Last year SBS was granted a 27% increase in base government funding over four years, the biggest increase ever and this year triennial funding to 2016. Revenue from television advertisements represents around one sixth of total SBS income from all sources (2012). SBS has big plans, but no plans to wind down advertising nor restrict them to between programs only — as previously was the case.


1) Do you want SBS to devise a plan to remove all advertising from within programs?


2) How strongly do you agree or disagree with this statement: “As a public broadcaster advertising ought to have no place on SBS but should be left to commercial broadcasters instead”.

I strongly agree
I somewhat agree
I neither agree nor disagree
I somewhat disagree
I strongly disagree

3) The SBS Charter begins “The principal function of the SBS is to provide multilingual and multicultural radio and television services. . .” Since SBS-TV introduced in-program advertising, how faithful do you think it is to the SBS Charter?

Less faithful to the Charter now than it used to be
Neither less nor more faithful to the Charter now than it used to be
More faithful to the Charter now than it used to be

4) Last year, in prime-time viewing weeknights between 6pm and 11pm, SBS-ONE had few programs exclusively or predominately in languages other than English (LOTE) and SBS TWO had a mixture. As the nation’s multicultural broadcaster, do you think SBS ONE & SBS TWO should broadcast more foreign language programs in prime-time viewing than has occurred?

It is okay — leave it as it is
No — less LOTE programs please

5) Imported and foreign language programs cost less than local content. SBS is bound by a Charter obligation that it broadcast programs in “preferred languages” and is exempt from the requirement placed on other TV networks to broadcast a quota of Australian content. SBS believe if there were no in-program commercial breaks, then there would be less local content and it would not be able to expand. Considering the foregoing, which one of the two choices below do you want SBS to implement?

Restrict advertising to between programs only (as it used to be) but with little or no expansion, possibly less local content and more imported and foreign language programs
Keep the in-program commercial breaks (as it is now) and expand SBS, possibly with more local content and perhaps fewer imported programs

6) Do you find the in-program commercial breaks disruptive and an impediment to your viewing experience?


7) The SBS Act permits SBS to broadcast advertisements “before programs commence, after programs end or during natural program breaks”. SBS believes it may place breaks within programs where one did not exist and all in-program advertising only occurs during natural breaks. Which one of the two statements below would you most strongly agree with as applying in the majority of cases to the placement of in-program advertisements in SBS television programs?

Most in-program advertising breaks look forced or artificially contrived; it would be misleading to describe these as natural program breaks
Most in-program advertising breaks seem natural to the program context; it would be fair to describe these as natural program breaks

8) The SBS Codes of Practice used to allow viewers to lodge formal complaints if concerned that advertisements were broadcast in non-natural program breaks. SBS removed that provision with the advent of full in-program advertising and as a result, the industry regulator is no longer able to consider such matters. Do you want the Codes amended so that if a viewer spots a break that is not a natural program break a complaint can be made under the Codes?

I do not care

9) Do you think SBS is now subject to commercial influence or interference compared to how it was 10 years ago?

I am not sure

10) How important is it to you that advertising and disruptive breaks be moved out of SBS television programs (free-to-air & internet services)?

Very important
Somewhat important
Not important

11) Since SBS-TV introduced in-program advertising, how relevant is SBS to you now?

Less relevant now than before
The same relevance now as before
More relevant now than before

12) SBS is bound by a Charter requirement that it “contribute to the overall diversity of Australian television and radio services”. Comparing now to the years before SBS placed advertisements within programs, how diverse do you believe SBS is?

Less diverse now
Neither less nor more diverse now
More diverse now

13) Do you think increases in public funding ought to be withheld from SBS until it plans to move all advertisements and promos from within programs to between them – like it used to be?

I am not sure

14) No matter how much funding increases, SBS intends to maintain all commercial breaks in their current form. Do you support this?


15) Would you approve if a Minister or Parliament required that SBS present television programs without commercial break disruptions (no in-program breaks), on free-to-air & internet services?

I am undecided

16) Any additional comments?

To legitimise the survey and understand participants background, please answer the question below.

My origin is:

Australian born of Australian born parents
Australian born of at least one parent not born in Australia
Not born in Australia but at least one parent was Australian born
Not born in Australia and neither parents born in Australia

Anyone can conduct an anonymous survey. For authenticity, please provide your details below *. (Your name, address and identifying information remain private and will not be published or passed on to anyone).

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Thank you for your time.

This survey closed on 2 June 2013

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