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  • Save Our SBS

    CLARIFICATION: In the SaveOurSBS.org story SBS-ABC merger cuts $43.5m  (13 May 2014) we said "the ABC will face cuts in the order of $9m per year [for four years] … and eight people at the ABC will lose their jobs as a result [and] … the Budget papers show no reduction in SBS staffing levels."   These monetary cuts account for one percent of the broadcaster’s base government funding. However, due to the Budget’s termination of the Australia Network, a unit of eight people within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and contracted to the ABC, the ABC will face further cuts as a consequence of that termination worth millions of dollars. The total effective cuts to the ABC will be in the order of $120m over four years and the precise number of overall redundancies from the ABC are yet to be worked out but are thought to be in the order of about 250 jobs per year for four years. Although the Budget did not directly account for SBS redundancies, some 60 positions and SBS’s playout facility will be restructured or outsourced.