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1 comment to Submission – SBS Review

  • Save Our SBS

    The Save Our SBS Inc submission – “SBS Review” has also been posted on the website of the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy at: http://www.dbcde.gov.au/media_broadcasting/consultation_and_submissions/abc_sbs_review/_submissions/s/2635
    as well as the SaveOurSBS.org website at: http://saveoursbs.org/archives/334

    There were over 2,400 submissions received by the Department and in a media release the Minister said “The enthusiastic response we have received, confirms that the ABC and SBS are two of Australia’s most important and loved public institutions. They have entertained, educated and informed generations of Australians.”

    The consultation called for submissions on how the ABC and SBS should be positioned to best respond to the challenges and opportunities of the emerging digital, online and global media environment.

    “I have noted the interest a number of submissions have shown in the national broadcasters providing a diversity of high quality programming and content, including children’s programming, Australian drama and content in languages other than English,” Senator Conroy said.

    “The Government will certainly be taking note of these submissions as we consider the next funding round for the ABC and SBS and consider policies for the long-term future of public broadcasting in this country.”

    Senator Conroy said “These submissions will help shape our national broadcasters over the next decade and ensure their future strength and independence as they continue to play a central role in Australia’s emerging digital landscape.”

    A full alphabetical list of all submissions may be found at: http://www.dbcde.gov.au/media_broadcasting/consultation_and_submissions/abc_sbs_review/_submissions

    Save Our SBS believes that some one thousand submissions were made on line via the Save Our SBS campaign that encouraged people to make submissions regarding the SBS.