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8 comments to Go Back returns for second series

  • Ahuva

    I am really looking forward to this program except for the commercial intrusions. After Tampa I lost all respect for Peter Reith and John Howard’s smug attitude too. I hope with the passage of time and this program Reith has changed. You never know. Other great Liberal’s like Malcolm Fraser, always a humanitarian, yet still managed to grow in himself and expand in his thinking, after leaving politics. Reith should take a leaf out of Fraser’s book not Abbot’s.

    Equally I hope this new series will cause both Liberal and Labor politicians to be more compassionate towards asylum seekers, no matter how arrival occurs. It seems not though.

    For those who dam boat people, think again. A boat smuggler may be a shoddy business and out to make a buck but so was Schindler as in Schindler’s List. In bad there is sometimes good, especially when people’s lives are saved. For the persecuted the only choices may be to stay put and die or take a gamble with a shoddy businessman where you might be saved.

    An entire race was almost wiped out during the Second World War. The surviving lucky ones who managed to get to our shores, only settled here because our attitudes then were welcoming. In today’s Australia with current attitudes, would we turn away a race where ordinary people were murdered on-masse? Would we lock them up for years? With the new immigration laws we now will. Full marks to SBS for making this show. Pity our current political leaders weren’t the ones in it.

  • Yossi

    Having heard about the second series of “Go Back To where You Came From”, I’m looking forward to how more prominent Australians’ will feel after they have experienced the journey of fleeing and becoming a refugee. Fortuntely for them, unlike real refugees who have fled by boat, the people in the program will never truely feel the horror and desperation because they know they will eventually return to their own safe lives in Australia. I hope that the participants, the audience, the wider community and the politicians in general will start to wake up and make the right decision in treating asylum seekers with dignity and compassion.

  • Polly

    Aren’t most irregular arrivals by plane not boat and do those on holidays who overstay their visa get a better deal than boat people? Yet it is boat people who are the ones fleeing from dangerous life threatening circumstances with no home. We should be hounered that they choose our country of all places to want to live.

  • Jackson m

    Thank you Save Our SBS for a very compressive review. I haven’t seen any other articles this detailed elsewhere. You’ve enticed me to watch but I’ll get the DVD to see it without ads blasting at me as I couldn’t stand to have such an important topic ruined by commercial disruptions. If SBS got the biggest funding increase ever, why are there still advert breaks in the programs?

    SBS makes some good programs but it is not fair that my only access to this ad free is to buy a DVD when it ought to be free of commercial breaks on public TV.

  • peng

    this show was lots of non agreement person. very bad. sad truth when many dead name for people returned to birth land. this was cruel australian law that not let them stay. I wish all australian to watch. pleasi to sbs play again. thank yo

  • Luciano

    Thank you SBS for this program. I just finished watching the series. Recorders are great to skip the adverts. I would have watched it live if it weren’t for the annoying disruption to continuity.

    I am glad Angry Anderson changed his views. What have we come to though as a nation that so many people dislike or hate asylum seekers – but not many get the chance to go to Afghanistan to see the reality then change their mind. I hope this programe has the same impact on all Australians.

  • Lucy S

    A program well made. A bit tabloid in parts I doubt it did anything to better the public debate. For me it failed.

    How silly of SBS to schedule Insight the night after Go Back To Where You Came From. If it had been after the final episode, I would watched it.

  • Bill

    The “Go Back to Where You Came From” second series was at times harrowing viewing. By all reports it achieved a very large audience by SBS standards and I believe it has made a worthy contribution to the debate in Australia. However, the placement of advertising within such a program was a big mistake. The viewer is jolted out of the horrors before us in Somalia and Afghanistan to see ads for the likes of McDonalds $3 burger deals, Commonwealth Bank (where you can apparently fund whatever you want), Renault cars, Werther chocolates, etc. As if these juxtapositions were not enough, these ads themselves were sequenced with spots for World Vision and UNHCR. These latter were obviously highly compatible with the program, but not with the other ads!

    To top it off, SBS ran jarring promos for “The School: Educating Sussex” within the breaks, and other upcoming programs. If ever there was a documentary that should not be interrupted, “Go Back” was surely one. I felt distress at being jerked out of the program into ads which promoted such a wealth and lifestyle that the suffering people in the documentary could not begin to imagine. The program loses impact in the process.