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End COVID For All

COVID-19 could push over 70 million people around the world into extreme poverty – and we all need to play our part!

In Australia, SBS has been informing communities on SBS Radio and in 63 languages in print at the SBS coronavirus portal. This is an amazing service.

But now Save Our SBS is asking you look further afield and pledge support to End COVID For All.

Many of our neighbours around the world are ill-equipped to deal with a pandemic.

So it’s time we offered a helping hand.

As Australians we take care of our neighbours. It’s just what we do.

We are asking you to visit endcovidforall.com and pledge to stand in solidarity with all our global neighbours. Save Our SBS has pledged along with more than 80 other organisations.

As we’ve seen in Australia, it’s never been more important to tackle COVID-19 together. 

While Australia will continue to face challenges, COVID-19 is a global crisis and the only way to overcome it is with global cooperation.

This pandemic has highlighted that each person’s health is connected to everyone else’s.

Please support the campaign to #EndCOVIDForAll.

COVID-19 spreading in one part of the world may ultimately threaten the health of families in Melbourne and vice versa. We are all in this together but this crisis isn’t over until it’s over for everyone.

Although Australia, even with the strains of recent events, has one of the world’s best healthcare systems, many of our neighbours around the world are ill-equipped for a pandemic.

With no fences standing between any of us and COVID-19, let’s stand in solidarity with all our neighbours, and encourage the Australian government to provide vital support to vulnerable nations.

This doesn’t end for anyone until it ends for everyone.

Save Our SBS urges YOU to go to endcovidforall.com and sign the @EndCOVIDForAll pledge to stand in solidarity with all our neighbours #EndCOVIDForAll.

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