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Poll: overwhelming support for fully-funded multicultural, multiethnic, and Indigenous programs for children on SBS but with advertising restrictions

An overwhelming majority of SBS viewers want the broadcaster to present programs for children provided those programs are fully-funded, without advertising or reliance on advertising.

A total of 3,981 viewers were polled in two separate polls – one on Facebook, the other on Save Our SBS – in which participants were asked separate questions about multicultural, multiethnic, and Indigenous programs for children.

The questions and findings of the Two question poll on SaveOurSBS.org were:-

SBS is not currently required to carry programs for children but if it were, do you agree or disagree that——

1) Full funding ought to be provided to SBS so it can present multicultural, multiethnic, and Indigenous programs for children without reliance on advertising.

  • 98.89% (2,750) AGREED
  • 1.11% (31) DISAGREED.

2) In the event that children’s programs were to be sponsored, all advertising in or around children’s programs on SBS ought to be very tightly regulated, and averaging not more than one commercial break for every 30 minutes of program time.

  • 98.76 (2,702) AGREED
  • 1.24% (34) DISAGREED. 

On closure of the poll, the results were revealed.

There were 45 people who chose not to answer question 2). Additionally, 186 people provided comments, mostly  of support for SBS, some of which reveal they were uncomfortable committing an answer to question 2) because the question presumes sponsorship (which they opposed in any form), albeit with the proviso that ads be tightly regulated and commercial breaks averaged to once every 30 minutes in or around children’s programs. 

The Facebook poll asked one question only:-

If the government requires SBS carry multicultural, multiethnic, and Indigenous children’s programs, which option would you choose?

  • 98% (1,177) voted to Fully fund kid’s TV  
  • 2% (23) voted to Fund kid’s TV with ads

On closure of the poll, the results were revealed.

Background coding prevented a person voting multiple times in the polls.

The polls closed on 20 July 2020 and were conducted in response to the Supporting Australian stories on our screens—Options paper inquiry closed, in which Save Our SBS made a submission.


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