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7 comments to Outsourcing SBS

  • Mikhail

    Cheaper to outsource, really? I’m not fooled. SBS was ‘special’ once but now it’s really special… special as in cheap! A poor commercial look a like. I still love sbs but would love it a whole lot more if they stopped ripping the guts out of it. I haven’t forgotten. This government broke their promise to fund sbs free of commercial influence. I question the motive of SBS management too. Outsource SBS and all the culture will be lost forever.

  • Dr Geoff Bower

    More strength not less to our old style Special Broadcasting Service. More funding for in house programmes and more quality programming. Make the SBS Board responsible for improving not imasculating SBS.

    Support Scott Ludlam’s Bill too, please.

  • Helen Nugent

    Please phase out disruptive in-program advertising on SBS.

  • Sloss

    Without the special it’s just BS, and we all know BS stands for!

  • Dennis Raft

    Ads in SBS programs are disruptive,Especially in foreign language films.

  • Raymond Gunning

    Seldom watch anymore because of the advertising during programs. Bunch them together before each program. The Canadians did this years ago as you used to. SBS has really messed itself up. Terrible shame.

  • Lyn Eggins

    TV Advertising? My pet hate! So intrusive and meaningless. I love SBS, but the advertising it has been forced to adopt to retain enough working funds, spoils the wonderful programs put to air. At least if they were all in one bunch, they would be less intrusive that way.