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3 comments to Election promises for SBS

  • Michelios D.

    I’m voting Greens. Never have before but will now. I don’t trust the Libs or Nats but Conroy let me down badly. When he said Labor opposed SBS introducing in-program ads but then did nothing, that was as good as a broken promise. Who does Labor think is being fooled? You could have fixed SBS but have done nothing. I’m switching to Greens 1, Labor 2 and Libs last.

  • TVwatcher

    I am in Cairns in the electorate of Leichhardt, Queensland. I am also going to vote 1 GREENS this time too because the government has just tossed us aside on this SBS issue and others. When Gillard came here recently she did not mention SBS or how annoying the commercials are for us. Not only are they are disruption but often they are for some product or store in Brisbane that you can’t even get here. They are irrelevant and annoying.

    Labor could have got my vote if they had said they would end the commercial breaks on SBS. They could have easily changed some law and made it better. That is what governments do. That is what we expect. With all the money Labor is spending on everything else, they could have announced they would spend 100 or 200 million more to make SBS better. It is not much. On this, the ALP has put the last nail in their own coffin. After reading their policy on SBS I am not voting for them. I did last time because I believed that they would stop those ad breaks. I remember because I still have the emails sent to me from Mr Rudd, Conroy and the ALP office, sent just before the 07 election that said their policy was to object to the advertisements in the programs. That was just a con. They do not care about us viewers or even about SBS. I suppose no one in the ALP watches SBS. They probably thought no one here watches SBS or that it did not matter to us. Wrong. Very wrong.

    GREENS you now have my no 1 vote on this. My friends are doing the same.

  • monarols

    I stopped watching SBS the minute (literally) the first ad appeared mid program. I used to always watch the news, whith thier visually fantastic news set. Mary Kostakidis was right in what she did, and yet another reason for me to abandon SBS on that fateful day.

    I am happy with commercials that top and tail a program and will happily return to SBS when this occurs. I dont expect SBS to run commercial free. Hopefully Mary will return when the true SBS returns!

    My only TV option atm is our great ABC. Thankfully the internet is with us, so any programs on the SBS I want to watch, I usually download off the interweb, minus the ads.