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This Category is intended for SBS staff to express their views anonymously if desired.

If you do or did work at SBS or a close friend or member of your family is or was employed by SBS you may want to tell others about what has been happening inside SBS. You can tell your story here without fear of consequences if you write under an alias.

SOSBS wants to know is it true that many of the SBS staff have effectively been silenced by SBS and are now fearful of “speaking out”. Is that really the case?

Is it true that many of the staff at SBS were invited to reapply for their own jobs and that SBS has insisted that all staff now sign confidentiality agreements?

Is it also true that the staff are now specifically banned from talking publicly against the current SBS advertising policy of interrupting SBS-TV programs for ads?

The Posts in this Category are for people who are or were “inside” SBS to tell the truth to our online community. If there are any issues that effect SBS staff, please write your comments below.

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What is the effect of current policy on SBS staff? What exactly are the policies effecting SBS staff?

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2 comments to SBS Staff Views

  • mu5ing

    After having worked in SBS for a few months: I understood a fundamental principle; even bottom-feeders have a pecking order.

  • sabella

    Apart from the bleatings of “sunniness and bright days” at SBS by Shaun Brown, as a staff member, I can vouch that morale is at its lowest ever at SBS.

    Yes, we are silenced. “Speaking out” incurs being hounded and pummeled for it, or else losing one’s job over it. Silenced? Well, yeah, it has become VERY quiet around the place…

    The advertising is a disgrace the way it’s being instrumented: catering to the advertiser as to where the ads are placed, instead of catering to the needs and sensitivities of a given program.

    Multiculturalism is no longer of importance, it seems. Apparently, “We’ve done that. Been there.” Now we’re supposed to be moving to a wonderful-brand-new-world of what “for all Australians” really means. According to the spin of Shaun Brown, what “for all Australians” really means now is that it is predominately FOR Australians…

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