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Are There Any Programs on SBS-TV That Are Not Interrupted For Commercial Breaks?

If you have noticed any programs on SBS-TV that were not interrupted for commercial breaks, please give your feedback here. Tell us the name of the program, the date and time it went to air on SBS, and, which languages it was in. What did you think of the program? Was it easier to watch with no ad breaks? Is this a regular program that usually has no breaks? If it is a regular program that does not have commercial breaks inside it, others would like to know.

Other than overseas News programs in languages other than English (LOTE), we have had problems finding programs on SBS that are not interrupted for ad breaks. If you know of any, please write your comments below.


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Which programs were not interrupted for any ad breaks on SBS-TV?

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Please submit any material that you write in English only.



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2 comments to Are There Any Programs on SBS-TV That Are Not Interrupted For Commercial Breaks?

  • guille56

    Recently (just before midnight on May 22nd) SBS screened the lavishly costumed movie “Russian Ark”. What makes the film unusual is that it was shot in one continuous take, quite an amazing feat considering the number of extras involved in many of the scenes!

    Having seen it at the cinema I was wondering how SBS would treat it with ads. Well, to SBS’s credit they ran it without any breaks. If ever there was a program that lacked natural breaks, of course this was it.

    SBS did “bookend” the film with about 4 or five ads at each end. Although this film was treated with respect, unfortunately it seems that many others are not.

    Thanks for the site … G

  • TVwatcher

    Hey. But look what time it was on. Midnight!

    So we have to wait until midnight to see a program with no ads on SBS. They probably couldn’t find any sponsors anyway.

    If they can show one movie with no ads once, then SBS ought to do that all the time. Just like they used to.