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8 comments to SBS preparing to double advertising and slash services

  • A Samson

    I seem to recall Mr Abbott telling Anton Enus just before the election there would be no cuts to the SBS. I wonder if this new Chairman donor to the Liberals will let the government slowly stave the SBS or defend these attacks on the SBS. Mr Gupta, I do not want the SBS to have even more and more commercials. I could not stand it. Don’t do it under any circumstances even if the government allows it. I am sure I am not alone in saying I want you to get rid of the advertisements especially in the programs but I do think the SBS still does some worthwhile programs. Quentin Dempster is right. This government has an ideological aversion to public broadcasting.

  • Petro

    I am not surprised by this latest news. I think it stinks though. Where is Turnbull in all this? I haven’t seen him fighting for SBS. When SBS decided to mimic commercial broadcasters surely they must have known it would lead to this. Such a shame. Such a loss.

  • Sammy Tee

    I can’t see the commercial stations agreeing to increased advertising on SBS but then again they remained silent when SBS started breaking into programs with adverts.

    SBS does not deserve to have its funds cut. Who said it was efficient to cut off SBS’s income and replace it with more advertising. Where is the proof? Without SBS we would not have these excellent programs like Go back to where you came from.

    We turn people back who arrive by boat but for those who do make it by plane, we just underfund and dismantel the only broadcaster in the country who tries to make them feel welcome.

    Cuts like the ones Dempster spoke of are ideological based but dressed up as efficiency savings. They are not.

    I highly recommend watching Dempster’s talk. I did. It’s worth watching. I’m glad someone is speaking out about this. Thank you Save Our SBS for putting this on your site. Keep up the good work.

  • Lis

    SBS should NEVER have been forced to take advertising in the first instance. Advertising must NOT be increased AT ALL! Hands off SBS and its funding. This government will mess with SBS at its own political peril. Australians will not put up with cuts tto their cultural treasures indefinitely. Listen up, Abbot!

  • JO

    I recall when a nights viewing on SBS was totally in foreign languages with nothing in English. This changed with the onset of advertising some years ago and let’s face it, the advertisers moving in with more and more airtime and intrusion has only caused SBS to pay less attention to their charter. This is not a reason to close SBS or cut it’s funding but it is a reason not to allow even more advertisements. That would seriously threaten the charter. We haven’t heard anything about the efficiency study if they considered this.

  • Ken

    Exactly when did Save Our SBS commecne? The site is very easy to navigate. The total glance is great and content more in depth than eleswhere. Thanks for keeping the public informed!

  • Federico E Cav

    Mr Grassby in the Whitlam government started SBS radio and Mr Fraser started multicultural television SBS. That’s what happens when there is a bipartisan policy. Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey could learn a thing or two from this.