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12 comments to New law deregulates ads

  • sam

    Is this the same Minster that in Opposition was going to stop SBS from placing ads in programs? Double standard hey, not just the Minister but the Greens too. Didn’t they propose to reduce advertising on SBS? Now they vote to legislate for unlimited advertising and dilute the Charter. That’s not very green. Seems everyone is getting in on the double standard act even Malcolm Turnbull. The post said last year he would not deregulate advertising but now he has. I guess everyone wanted to join the double standard act. What is the Opposition’s policy now and the Greens? Are they all in favour of the status quo?

  • Alex Wood

    While it is reasonable to change one’s mind, to me it feels as if all political will to ensure SBS is like ABC a different, in my opinion better creature than commercial television, with loss to SBS and personal enjoyment.

    Alas much of life has become commercially oriented, but thinking time and new thought are better served by lack of commercial breaks in programmes, which idea seems lost to politicians?

  • Phil

    Oh well I guess we will just have to record programmes and fast forward through the ads – It is annoying but many of us have either had to do this with commercial television – where ads are in plague proportions – or give up watching the stations altogether (probably the best idea)

    The internet based catchup services are a little more problematic, since they are often coded to prevent recording, and you cannot fast forward, not even on the SBS one that often repeats the same advert ad nauseum. But fortunately those in the know can find programs that get round these recording blocks, thereby creating recordings that can be fast forwarded. These have to be updated from time to time in a Quixotic tilt against the advertising mills

    Legal or illegal, our behaviour is often driven by unreasonable commercial practice. Surely there could be a three month experimental period where adverts are only allowed between programmes, or in the case of long programmes every one and a half hours, provided more than half an hour remains to the programme.

    At least SBS has avoided sponsorship. The way that is going elsewhere, next time there is a Coronation the Monarch may be crowned using “the Emirates King Edwards Crown” and be presented with the “Mc Donalds Orb” and the “Hyundai Sceptre” whilst seated above “the Uncle Bens porridge Stone of Scone” which is held within the “Guinness Coronation Chair”

    No more “Zadok The Priest” – the choir will be singing “it’s the Real Thing”

    Very few animals defecate in the same area that they sit. We humans could learn a lot from watching other species

  • Alan Dow

    I address my comment to advertisers on SBS.

    If you think building resentment in the community towards your company and its products is a great business plan, in-program advertising on SBS is the way to go.

  • Anne Kotzman

    There is no way I would buy anything I see advertised on SBS. Most of the time I don’t even look at the ads because I am so annoyed at the disruption of the program. I turn on the mute button or switch off the TV and go and read a book instead. Advertising on SBS is a menace.

  • Silvio

    In the current climate of dumming down audiences, the last bastions of hope were the ABC and SBS. These channels are the only ones people with discerning taste can watch. The commercials channels became torture devices who now are only supported by the converted to mediocrity masses who are completely converted and possibly beyond salvation. The SBS board don’t realise we live in a entertainment world with incredible choice which is off course provided by the Internet. If they turn the SBS into a commercial channel, they will only turn away the ONLY people who kept it AND their jobs alive. All of us who currently support SBS will go online and their tv station will most likely go into the history books because the people who watch the commercial channels will never turn to SBS no matter how commercial you become, as most say, they don’t watch SBS because they don’t know how to read.

  • Maurice Wilkinson

    Advertising will increase and program quality will decline until the viewers are allowed to elect the Board. Some hope!

  • Colin Jones

    It is mind numbing even to watch SBS on Demand as not only are the commercials badly placed – right in the middle of dialogue in some instances – but they are usually the same. I go into a hypnotic trance, turn down the sound and wait patiently. As for home television I just tape shows and fast forward the commercials. Never ever watch commercial television unless on the very, very rare occasion they come up with some intelligently put together product.

    I remember when I spent some time in the U.K. between 1969-84 commercials were always preceded by an asterisk with the break ending the same way.

    Australian commercial television is the absolute pits and it is a pity SBS is going in that direction too.

  • John

    I agree with Phil – record the programs and watch later fast forwarding through the ads. There seems to be more ads in each ad break now, or is that just my sensitivity rising? Thanks.

  • Jano

    SBS is not as diverse as it used to be. When I came here 15 years ago I loved SBS but it has now changed for the worse. Since they put ads in program it has become less relevant to me. They give lip service to their charter but I still listen to radio. I do not have a recorder for TV and that is not the answer anyway. I have watched programs that were recorded though at friends houses and it is still a disruption to fast forward past the advertisements. The point is SBS should not be allowed to interrupt programs. I always hear in the news that SBS is lowly funded but it has become a selfish corporate body, like it has a chip on its shoulder and with nothing to show. Dumbed down programs, mostly in English and often monocultural, hell bent on trying to attract advertisers but still poor. It seems the powers that be within SBS just do not get it. Bring back the people of 20 years ago who at least understood the purpose of SBS.

  • Hans Westermann

    I stoped watching SBS when they introduced in-program advertising. Why not have the ads in one block or as alone standing programs? Some people like the ads.

  • Serge

    Goodbye, SBS.

    As for the advertisers, I’ve never as much as given them even a hello.

    Ask me who advertises on SBS and I wouldn’t have a clue. They are purely disruptive irritants to what once was diverse, interesting, alternative quality viewing. Alas, no more.