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SBS subtitle restructure

This week SBS began announcements of a restructure of its subtitling and closed caption department.

SaveOurSBS.org understands that the restructure has come about because many people who were originally employed to subtitle foreign language programs have found their duties were later extended to create closed captions. Closed captions are the teletext subtitles for the hard-of-hearing on English language programs – not the superimposed subtitles used on foreign language programs.

In a statement to SaveOurSBS.org, SBS management said: “At present we have an over supply of capacity in some languages relative to need. As a result many staff are spending considerable amounts of time doing closed captioning of English language programming rather than subtitling. This is not what they are trained for, or prefer to do”.

Sources close to those affected have said that SBS intends to outsource subtitling of foreign language programs or import programs that are already subtitled, even if the standard of subtitling is inferior, as that is cheaper. But SBS has assured SaveOurSBS.org that “there is no plan to out source the unit nor to reduce the amount of subtitled programming (in fact increased investment in SBS TWO will result in more subtitled product).”

SaveOurSBS.org has argued for a fully funded commercial free SBS with an increase in foreign language programs.

1 comment to SBS subtitle restructure

  • Michelios D.

    I don’t believe sbs. They lost all credibility for me when they began mid-program advertising. That was the beginning of the end and now this. As a 2nd generation Greek, I can say the sbs subtitles are the best I’ve seen anywhere. Better than those on DVDs. If I’ve gotta put up with inferior subtitles from os, I’m emailing the PM. Enough sbs! If you’re gonna have more foreign stuff, then more subtitlers are needed. Not less. Derrrrr. SBS – you haven’t fooled me.