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Budget returns funds to SBS over two years

SBS News are reporting that:

The multicultural broadcaster SBS will get $17 million funding over two years from 2018-19 to support and to contribute to the production and distribution of Australian film, television and radio content.

It includes $14.6 million over two years for SBS to replace revenue that could not be raised by changes to its advertising regime, and $3 million is to support the development of Australian film and television content.

Funding for the ABC is frozen.

In a statement SBS thanked the Federal Government for the $14.6 million in funding provided over two years from 2018-19 to the organisation in the Budget.

In 2014, the Abbott Government cut $53.7 million from SBS of which $28.5 million was from funds that SBS potentially may have generated by doubling its hourly advertising. However, the legislation to permit increased advertising met with massive community objection and 62,000 people petitioned against that.

Of the $28.5 million, the Turnbull Government had returned most of that in stages. This year’s Budget completes that process.

An SBS spokesperson said that the boost in funding for SBS in this Budget was in fact $14.6 million as the $3 million for film and TV content was not for SBS, but rather the Department of Communications.


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