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SBS foodie channel soon to premiere

Foodies across Australia are counting down the days to Tuesday 17 November. That’s when SBS will launch their new TV channel – the Food Network – a 24 hour, seven days a week food channel. It’s an Australian first. The channel will broadcast nationally.

Some of the imported programs will not be in English and SBS Managing Director Michael Ebeid said that SBS has a “proud reputation for delivering distinctive food programming that allows Australians to delve into different cultures”. Ebeid said SBS’s locally commissioned cooking programs that are currently shown on SBS ONE, will be repeated on the new channel. 

Aussie chef Curtis Stone will appear on the Food Network in a number of his programs. Curtis is well known through the Australian TV series, Surfing the Menu.

Program highlights include an enticing mix of global content, and food-inspired travel as well as culinary adventure programs. From good old-fashioned home cooking to around the globe, the Food Network will have it all.

SBS is betting on the premise that Australians have become so enthralled with the cooking phenomenon, audiences will take to the 24/7 channel. With a selection of food programs from around the world and some of the world’s most popular food personalities, SBS may be right. But the question is: will the Food Network pass the taste-test? Soon, we will find out.

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