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No Ads on SBS – one minute survey

Save Our SBS is conducting a one minute survey at www.SaveOurSBS.org that seeks to find out peoples views in relation to SBS. The survey asks a series of multiple choice questions about advertising, programming and the Charter of SBS and seeks to find out what people think about the ‘commercialisation’ of SBS.

The data at the end of the survey period will be published on the SaveOurSBS.org web site and may be provided to politicians and media outlets.

Personal details of the participants will remain confidential and will not be handed over to anyone. It is possible to do the survey anonymously.

No Ads on SBS - one minute survey

SBS-TV began interrupting programs for advertisements in late 2006. It was reported that a few years before that, SBS had engaged a research company to find out peoples attitudes towards the idea of SBS-TV interrupting programs for advertisements. It is believed that the large majority of people did not want SBS to interrupt programs for commercial breaks. However despite the findings of the researchers, SBS proceeded to adopt a more commercial approach and interrupt programs for ad breaks. SBS has not chosen to publicly release their study.

Unlike the research conducted for SBS, Save Our SBS will publish the findings of our online survey.

To participate in this important study, click here and wait whilst you are re-directed to the survey form.

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