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SBS Chief says SBS to continue as a commercial network



Despite the election of a new government and the long time stated objection of the ALP to SBS interrupting programs for advertisements, the Managing Director of SBS, Shaun Brown was quick today to call for SBS to continue down the commercial path.


Brown wants SBS to continue to operate as a commercial network.


Before the November 2007 elections, and, as far back as April, 2007, at its National Conference Labor acknowledged the importance of SBS and committed Labor to ensuring adequate funding and support for SBS and free from political and commercial interference.


“Labor has opposed and continues to oppose the decision by SBS to introduce advertising into its programming” (reference).


However only a few days after the Labor landslide victory to form a new federal government, the Australian reported that Brown wants SBS to keep up its current practise of running ads and interrupting programs for commercial breaks.


Brown  was quoted as saying that he also believes the “ABC should be forced to run advertisements”.


He went on to say that he did not believe that SBS had been weakened under his reign.


You can read the full story from the Australian (27 November 2007): “SBS chief calls for ads on ABC, SBS


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