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Add your support to the Special Broadcasting Service Amendment (Natural Program Breaks and Disruptive Advertising) Bill 2012 that was recently introduced in the Senate that would phase out in-program commercial breaks from SBS television by 2016. It’s fair and provides a scheme that would see SBS properly funded with no advertising breaks inside TV programs.

Help SBS obtain a steep funding increase to watch programs without disruptive breaks. Act now click here… »

Outsourcing SBS

SBS staff are worried about loosing their jobs to outsourcing . . . Ordinary members of the public, including people not working at SBS may sign an online letter to the Minister… »

SBS Bill details: how disruptions could end on SBS-TV

Greens Communications spokesperson, Senator Scott Ludlam has introduced a private Bill that, if passed, would gradually phase out commercial breaks from interrupting SBS television and “reverse the tide of commercialisation before declining advertising revenues and rising viewer discontent force a crisis on the broadcaster” The Special Broadcasting Service Amendment (Natural Program Breaks and Disruptive Advertising) Bill 2012 is fair, sensible and not heavy handed… »

Parliament did not intend in-program breaks

When the SBS was established as a corporation under the SBS Act in 1991, the Parliament granted SBS the right to broadcast advertisements before and after programs, and during a natural program break. In late 2006, the SBS Board believed a natural program break meant SBS could interrupt TV programs with in-program commercial breaks, but the Hansard reveals the intent of Parliament was that advertisements would “top and tail programs” only, except during the “natural break” of a sporting event… »

Save Our SBS – friends of SBS – is a not for profit organisation defending the diversity, independence and integrity of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). We treasure SBS and the aim to end in-program breaks. We advocate greater public funding for SBS, respect its purpose as spelt out in its Charter, and value the cultural enrichment that SBS offers.

When the 1991 Parliament incorporated the phrase “natural program breaks” into the SBS Act it specifically intended this would restrict advertisement placement to:-

  • half-time in a soccer match . . . in effect what will happen is that advertising will top and tail programs (Mr Smith Liberal).
  • let us not try to get the advertising revenue that will make the SBS another commercial channel. If we do, again, that will change its character, and I do not think that is really what we are about (Mr Sinclair National).
  • advertisement–at the beginning and the end of the sponsored program. In that way the viewers were not disturbed and were not constantly interrupted, as is the case on some of the commercial television programs (Mr Lee Labor).