Email the Treasurer & Prime Minister from here before the May 2009 SBS Triennial Budget is delivered. Demand SBS receives increased funding and without commercials. Insist Labor’s pre-election sentiment is honoured: “Labor has opposed and continues to oppose the decision by SBS to introduce in-program advertising” ( Act today to see our public, multicultural broadcaster is once again ’special’ and funded fully by government with an end those annoying advertising interruptions. Click and wait while you are redirected to part 1 (send an email to Wayne Swan) then follow the links to proceed to part 2 (send an email to Kevin Rudd).


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SBS 2009 Budget: Proper Funding & No Ads
Fraser & leaders support statement
SBS Must Be Special
Submission to the ABC-SBS Review
About the No Ads on SBS - one minute survey
Minister responds to No Ads on SBS petition
SBS Triennial Funding Submission 2009-2012 proposed by Save Our SBS
SBS forced 6000 ad breaks
SBS re-branded but still has ads. Why?
Petition Closes
Private Members Bill Bans Ads Interrupting SBS-TV
Bill to Ban Ads Interrupting Programs on SBS-TV
Backlash against advertising on SBS
by Darce Cassidy
A chronology of advertising on SBS by Darce Cassidy
SBS Boss wants it to continue to operate as a commercial network
Rebuild Public Broadcasting campaign results 2007
Pre-election promises for SBS: 2007
Mary Kostakidis and SBS settle
SBS: A Sad Death of Great Television
by Derek Kell
We Don’t Believe You Shaun SBS Boss
SBS Secret Documents Reveal Truth About Ads
Come Clean On Commercialisation
by Quentin Dempster
SBS Complaint System Inadequate


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