SaveOurSBS.org Archive Home Page 24 August 2009

The Home Page of the SaveOurSBS.org website is archived from time to time for historical purposes. In August 2009 the website was updated to the Atahualpa Theme. To see a snapshot of the updated Home Page with the then new Atahualpa Theme on 24 August 2009 click http://saveoursbs.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/SaveOurSBS.org_ArchiveHomePage24August2009.htm

SaveOurSBS.org Archive Home Page 10 May 2009

The Home Page of the SaveOurSBS.org website is archived from time to time for historical purposes. To see how the Home Page looked on 10 May 2009 click http://saveoursbs.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/saveoursbsorg-archive-home-page-10-may-2009.htm

Page Archive: Large Animated Logo & Home Page: December 2007

Over time this web site has changed in appearance.

Due to historical interest we now show you the style of our early web site.

From our scratchy but passionate inception on the web sometime around late April / early May 2007, the SaveOurSBS.org web site used the Patriotic Theme (which we modified) and was powered by WordPress. That Theme was in use from mid 2007 up to early 2008.

Our very first campaign, the petition to protect SBS, stop the ads and maintain our multicultural public broadcaster funded fully by government, commenced, July 2007. Initially we had no publicity but eventually more

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Early Historical Publicity

Below are some of the very first references and links made about Save Our SBS by other organisations and main stream media.

A CERTAIN SCRIBE: “Dylan’s true legacy is before us” by Errol Simper (The Australian 16 August 2007). We believe that Errol Simpers story was the first reference in main stream media about Save Our SBS.

“Network to blame for anchor’s loss” by Errol Simper (The Australian 22 August 2007)

“Save martyr Mary from SBS idiocy” by Geoff Roach (The Advertiser – Sunday Mail 25 August 2007)

“SBS: public service broadcasting is about

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What Each Party Will Do With SBS: Election 2007

The SBS policies of each party explained:

What are the policies of the political parties about SBS funding and advertising on SBS?

Save Our SBS wrote to the each of the major political parties requesting them to tell us their party policies on SBS for publication on www.SaveOurSBS.org.

We asked a series of questions covering SBS funding and advertising. We wanted to know whether or not each party had a policy to ban all advertising on SBS; or, insist that SBS restrict ads to between programs only; or, leave the current arrangement of allowing SBS to continue

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