The activities of Save Our SBS are informed by the Purposes (colloquially referred to as the Charter) under rule 2 of the Save Our SBS Inc Rules 2013.

The purposes of the Association are—

(1) To treasure and uphold the special nature of the Special Broadcasting Service Corporation (SBS), in whatever form or platform, and for the SBS to be—

(a) maintained and advanced in a unique way, not losing sight of its original special purpose, fulfilling high standards as Australia’s national multicultural public broadcaster and publisher; and

(b) programmed independent of, not dominated by, nor reliant on advertising and sponsorship; and

(c) free of commercial influence or interference; and

(d) without disruption of program by in-program breaks of non-program content (advertisements, promotions and the like); and

(e) noticeably distinguishable from mainstream media services in presenting a range of diverse, multicultural, multilingual and Indigenous programs, using innovative forms of expression; and

(f) fair, open and transparent in its functions; and

(g) funded adequately by government to fulfil its role; and

(h) genuine in its consultations with ethnic, Indigenous and other Australian communities.

(2) For the SBS Board to be appointed – through a ‘arms at length from government’ process – based on merit, consisting of people with a strong commitment to multiculturalism.

(3) For the Association to exist for its members as a friend and supporter of the SBS but in pursuit of these purposes, and for the Association without fear or favour express constructive analysis or criticism of the SBS or its views and actions, where in the opinion of the Association, the SBS deviates from its original special purpose or for any other reason.

(4) To lead community debate and represent community views – that are broadly in agreement with those of the Association – to the SBS, government, parliament, organisations and other bodies or persons.

(5) To do such other things to further the funds and assets of the Association.

(6) To carry out activities with or without like minded persons or organisations (incorporated or not) which may further the advancement of the Association for these and related purposes.