Calculations for the figures in the leading paragraph of Vote to restore SBS

* The figures in the leading paragraph of Vote to restore SBS (for the 21 August 2010 Australian federal elections) are based on the assumption that 8,000,000 people will pay tax and is a average rate per taxpayer, however some taxpayers would pay more and some less tax as there are varying rates of tax. 

If more than 8,000,000 people pay tax then the rates (of 6 cents/taxpayer/month and $1 taxpayer/month) would be less than that stated in that paragraph. For example if 16,000,000 people paid tax the rate would be expressed as 3 cents/taxpayer/month and 50 cents taxpayer/month in the paragraph referred to. At time of publication of Vote to restore SBS the precise number of taxpayers was not known. The ATO website states that "For the 200708 income year 14.8 million returns were lodged. Individual returns represented 85.2% of all returns lodged". Some lodgements might not pay tax.

The Budget papers for the triennial funding period 2009 to 2012 for SBS explain that $20,000,000 was funded to SBS over the three year period to make Australian programs.

The estimates (of 6 cents/taxpayer/month and $1 taxpayer/month) per taxpayer at Vote to restore SBS, were worked out as follows: $20,000,000 / 3 years = $6,666,666 per year / 8,000,000 taxpayers = 83 cents per year / 12 months = 6 cents per month per average taxpayer (to make Australian programs).

In the financial year ended 2009, SBS grossed almost $53m from television advertising sales. It might now be around $60m and might rise to $80m in 2011.

Previously SBS has estimated the loss of potential revenue from restricting advertisements to between programs only. Save Our SBS understands that if advertisements were restricted to between programs only, SBS would gross  $25,000,000 per annum from television airtime sales (advertisements).

Although current income from advertisements for SBS is close to $60,000,000 for the purposes of calculations we have assumed SBS would require $96,000,000 per year (in lieu of not having any television advertising) and on this basis our calculations in the leading paragraph were worked out as follows: $96,000,000 per year / 8,000,000 taxpayers = $12 per year per taxpayer / 12 months = $1 per month per average taxpayer (to abolish advertising on SBS-TV).

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