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At the end of some Posts, readers are invited to leave a Comment (or a reply). A comment may or may not be published for others to read. This site is moderated so there will be a delay before your material is published. We may edit any contributions or not publish some at all. Typically if we think a submitted comment is not true, unclear, difficult to make sense of or defamatory, we will either edit it or not publish it. Due to the high volume of comments received, it is rare for us to publish every one, so we try to publish a representative sample, a cross section of all comments, from  those we managed to read.

Wish to write for Save Our SBS Inc?

If you wish to write in a voluntary capacity please email us via our Contact Us page.

Regular contributors are assigned a user name and a password for direct access to the website. Casual writers may submit a story by email. Sometimes we approach people and ask if they would like to write a story for publication.

Please submit any material that you write in English only.

We do not pay any fee for work submitted for and published by Save Our SBS Inc or elsewhere.

Guidelines for writers

About 300 words is considered a reasonable length for web publication to maintain reader interest. We do not limit the word count however if submitted work is very long we may divide it into multiple parts. We may sub edit or correct spelling mistakes. If substantial editing is required we try to contact the author first. Our overall aim is not to alter work for authors who we have approached.

We won’t publish anything that is defamatory.

Opinion should be distinguishable from fact.

Sometimes there are cultural sensitivities in revealing some authors and as a general rule, we do not publish by lines. Occasionally we will but this depends on the circumstances and then only with the author’s permission. If you wish your work to be published with a by line, please tell us before publication. The author agrees for their work edited or not to be published by Save Our SBS Inc and may be published or syndicated to any other organisation.

For stories that are emailed to us, we prefer submitted work to be in .DOC or .DOCX format. It must not be ‘protected’ as we will need to copy and paste for publication. Web format .HTM or .HTML is acceptable too.

We prefer any submitted story that contains quotes or references to also contain hyperlinks to the source material if possible. Hyperlinks to sites external to should ‘open in a new window‘ whereas hyperlinks to material on the website should open in the same window’.

Layout, font face and size formatting may be changed when a submitted story is published on the web.


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The translation is very basic and it is not controlled by us.