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Following our recent eNewsLetter of a couple of weeks ago Save Our SBS has received enquiries from many people who would like some assistance in making a submission to the public enquiry into SBS. The feedback to us is that the Minister’s 36 page background discussion paper is too long and the Department’s website for submissions difficult to navigate through. Many are overwhelmed and at a loss to know what to say or where to begin. Our supporters have asked us to show a sample submission. As a result,

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SaveOurSBS eNewsLetter No 4 Spring 2008

Welcome to the Spring 2008 edition of the Save Our SBS eNewsLetter from

Below is some important news about SBS and an update about on how you can help restore and help rid it of advertisements.

It is now just over one year since Mary Kostakidis was reported walking from SBS, not to return and soon approaching that since the Labor government was elected.

There was reason to believe that Labor might provide more funds, and move to stop the SBS interrupting programs with advertisements.

Six months ago we presented the NO ADVERTISEMENTS OR SPONSORSHIP ON

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