SBS Chief says SBS to continue as a commercial network



Despite the election of a new government and the long time stated objection of the ALP to SBS interrupting programs for advertisements, the Managing Director of SBS, Shaun Brown was quick today to call for SBS to continue down the commercial path.


Brown wants SBS to continue to operate as a commercial network.


Before the November 2007 elections, and, as far back as April, 2007, at its National Conference Labor acknowledged

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NO ADS ON SBS & ABC: email campaign

A Joint Email Campaign Organised by SOSBS & FABC

Save Our SBS and Friends of the ABC joined forces for a joint last minute campaign in the lead up to the 2007 Federal Election. Aside from this joint campaign, each organisation remains separate and independent from the other.

This campaign is now closed.

The campaign involved participants clicking on a link, within the email flyer below, that activated a pre-filled, generic email in a ready to send state to the

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eNewsLetter • 20 November 2007 • General Edition • 1

Save Our SBS eNewsLetters

Below is a copy of the Save Our SBS eNewsLetter as per the date given. Other editions posted in the “eNewsLetters” category on this web site. You can also access the eNewsLetters category at

Subscriber emails are sent occasionally to people on our data base.

They are not regular events. Each eNewsLetter is a short update about SBS and activities at Save Our SBS.

Each Save Our SBS eNewsLetters includes links to SUBSCRIBE

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Early Historical Publicity

Below are some of the very first references and links made about Save Our SBS by other organisations and main stream media.

A CERTAIN SCRIBE: “Dylan’s true legacy is before us” by Errol Simper (The Australian 16 August 2007). We believe that Errol Simpers story was the first reference in main stream media about Save Our SBS.

“Network to blame for anchor’s loss” by Errol Simper (The Australian 22 August 2007)

“Save martyr Mary from SBS idiocy” by Geoff Roach (The Advertiser – Sunday Mail 25 August 2007)

“SBS: public service broadcasting

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