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The SBS must listen to its audience

Save Our SBS has welcomed the Budget announcement that the SBS will receive an additional $20 million over three years to help the broadcaster lift its level of Australian production.

Save Our SBS spokesperson Darce Cassidy said “The government has made the first move. It is now time for the SBS to listen to the government, and, more importantly, to its viewers. Both the viewers and the government want the SBS to stop interrupting programs with advertisements.”

“It is time for the SBS Board to put the “special” back into SBS television, to return the SBS to its

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The SBS Must Be Special media release

Former Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, whose government established the Special Broadcasting Service, has been joined by ethnic community leaders and key figures from public life, literature and the arts in calling for the SBS to focus on the needs of viewers rather than on selling consumers to advertisers.

The statement, headed “The SBS Must Be Special” was prepared by Save Our SBS (www.SaveOurSBS.org). In addition to Mr Fraser it has been endorsed by the following:

Ethnic Community Leaders: Professor Mary Kalantzis Dr Heinrich Stefanik, OAM, former Secretary, Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia George Zangalis, President,

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Spoiling the ship for a ha’porth of tar MEDIA RELEASE

The man responsible for interrupting programs for advertisements on SBS-TV, Shaun Brown, has just had his term of appointment extended despite a 24% drop in the ratings for World News and lower program quality overall. MEDIA RELEASE (opens a new window)

Spoiling the ship for a ha’porth of tar MEDIA RELEASE