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End In-Program Ads On SBS


Even though ads on SBS are legislated to be in “natural program breaks”[1], SBS forces more than 60,000 commercial breaks into programs annually[2][3][4]. But forced breaks are not natural.

That high volume of forced breaks explains why 95% of SBS viewers nationally say: “most in-program advertising breaks on SBS look forced or artificially contrived and it would be misleading to describe these as natural program breaks”[5][6][7].

It was SBS — not government — that reinterpreted the SBS Act in 2006 to force advertisements into programs, effectively making the “natural program breaks” limitation set by the SBS Act meaningless.

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At law, SBS is only permitted to broadcast advertisements ‘before and after programs, during natural program breaks’.

The break at the end of a program is clearly a natural program break.

But SBS forces ads into all programs wherever they like, even in movies, thus ignoring the natural program breaks limitation.

It is community standards that define natural program breaks, not statute law nor SBS. Collectively we all decide. 

Now is the time to email SBS’s board of directors explaining what a ‘natural program break’ means and to include that in their Codes of Practice.

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