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Your Language app

SBS have released another app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. This one is for radio. It’s called Your Language. One for Android is on its way. The SBS Audio and Language Content Director, Dirk Anthony, said “I hope [the Android version] will be available within months”.

The SBS Your Language app has a range of great functions including live streaming of SBS Radio 1, Radio 2, POPAsia, and SBS chill, audio on demand – a mix of podcasts and audio highlights. It also has the ability to listen to previous programs, which is really handy. The user can set a schedule that automatically selects the language of choice. More than one language can be selected. The schedule is more than a traditional schedule though because is has a notification function to remind the listener about their programs.

Commenting on the i app, the SBS Managing Director, Michael Ebeid said, “The Your Language app extends the reach of the more than 60 SBS Radio language programs with listeners now able to access their favourite programs at a time that suits the listener”.

And there’s more. A tap of a button in the app can be used to send an email, a text message or phone the program. The app has been well thought out.

Aside from listening, the app displayed a graph of an SBS poll. It was not clear though how many people had participated in the poll.

If your mobile device is not an i one, for the time being you may have to settle for a third party radio app such as TuneIn Radio. It’s a free app useful for live streaming, audio on demand and POD casts and works across all platforms – iPhone; Android; Blackberry; Symbian; and Windows. It doesn’t have all the features of the SBS Your Language app and SBS live streaming is not fully functional there but downloads of SBS programs are possible. If using TuneIn Radio, search for SBS. There is always that old fashion thing called a radio – of course.

All-in-all, the SBS Your Language app is well architected, easy to use and it does everything it claims. It’s free and definitely worth downloading and using. This is by far the best radio app available. Audio buffs can listen in high quality digital audio.

It is not known if the app will be released for Blackberry, Symbian, or Windows. Standby for the Android version soon.

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